Bamboo is strong, with the compressive force of concrete and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. With very little attention, a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, and that building could stand strong for a lifetime.

Ibuku work is really impressive. From the beginging, with hand sketches, models in bamboo, 3D models to the construction where you can’t see the difference between the structure and the scaffolding, everything looks different from the european way of work.

During my four months Intership at Ibuku, I had the chance to work on the interior design of the “Cacao House”, now constructed in Green Village.
Then I met Orin and Maria, founders of the “Kulkul Farm” in green school. The Kul Kul Farm is a social enterprise located within 3 minutes of Ibuku studio. The farm is a living, learning farm, market garden and education centre offering residential courses, weekend workshops and events in regenerative agriculture, organic food-growing and sustainable living. After participating to their permaculture workshop, they offered me to design a Goat Shelter for their Farm. I worked with Alexandre, an environmental engineer  who wants to become a goat farmer.  I also participate with them to the construction of three Rocket Stoves for their outside kitchen.

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Elora Hardy (Ibuku Leader) Ted talk