International Lighting Design Competition for Students, KOIZUMI, Japan

«In the search of light… The way of light.»
Request : Enhance LEDs and OLEDs use through an innovative project.

Winning project : 1rst internet voting prize and Bronze Award.

LEDs, punctual lighting elements, make for thinner light bulbs and allow multiple light sources. Thanks to their small size and their low temperature, it can be integrated to very fine structures.
Hi.Bou is a lamp, composed of several wooden sticks including a tube of light. In addition to its lighting function and its decorative quality, the lamp can, by its configuration, be used to devide a space.
The user can compose their Hi.Bou when they buy it, choosing stems whether with or without the LED feature. Then, simply plant them in the base.
Electrical connection is simply made by contact, giving a real freedom of movement to the wooden steams. The base is weighted to the ground with a steel bar to ensure balance.

November 2012

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