Workshop on the Hoëdic island. Rethink the uses of the Fort and its layout.

Request: Propose a global answer which respects the exterior environment as much as the interior.

Hoedic’s Fort is an asset on the island but not enought valorisated : empty rooms, miss of visibility on the island, no signage system… The Fort is constructed on the hightest point of the island, and offers nice points of view on the beautifull landscape around.  That is why we prupose to think this fort as a center of exhibition and as the starting point of walks.

Underground floor : Halt + creative workshops
Ground floor : exhibitions rooms (about the island environment and biodiversity)
Rooftop : Walk around the fort along the battlement.

Collaboration : Yohan Delahaye, Zsuzi B.Totle, Jeanne Guyon
In partnership with the Conservatoire du Littoral.

Date : September 2012 et may 2013

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